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John Maxwell and Rob Hoskins team up to Change Your World!

Transformation is a buzz word, but few know how to define it, much less effect it. John and Rob have led transformational efforts in communities all over the world! They have a track record that shows results in the lives of students and adults across all streams of influence. They are offering to walk with you and me as we determine what we can do to make a positive difference wherever we are. Please join us on the journey!

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Change Your World

How anyone, anywhere can make a difference

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Change Your World

How Anyone, Anywhere Can Make a Difference

By John C. Maxwell and Rob Hoskins

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Changing Your World

Even though we were in quarantine, my friend invited me to participate in Transformation Tables virtually. I joined the group and have learned a lot about myself and am experiencing personal growth. During the lesson on “Initiative” my action step was to do a small project for my community during the COVID-19 crisis. I followed through and did it, and now my company has stepped in and is maintaining the program to serve the community. As a facilitator of Transformation Tables I am encouraged to see the impact the program has had on the people in our group. I hear about their growth as they share their action steps and as they report the decisions made to improve their lives. Personally, the program challenged me to be intentional to choose my future, and so now I am studying to be an engineer.

Daniel Hernandez Costa Rica
Marvin from Guatemala

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